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Prescription & Illicit Drug Education for K-12 students

It is a pleasure for me to share that I am a product of not only a Public-School System but also a Township and Rural School System (Waverly, Ohio).  I attended the historic Ohio Ave. Elementary, Binns Elementary, as well as John Burroughs Elementary.  In middle school, I entered the Hamilton Township district.  I attended one year at Centennial High School and ultimately graduated from Hamilton Township High School.
I grew up knowing two completely different worlds.  My mother was a hard-working machinist in a local Columbus factory and my Father a union worker at the nuclear power plant in Piketon, Ohio.  I consider myself to have both a country and city way of thinking about life.  In the end, I must say that I prefer the country way of life.  However, what is certain about my life is that I have made friends who have unique perspectives on the world.  I appreciate all people…
My life Journey has allowed me to meet and become colleagues and associates with members of the Muslim, Hispanic, Asian, Nepali and of Caucasian community.  I identify as an African American, even though my heritage is Irish, Black, Native American and White. It is my heritage, that enables me to communicate a message to all people.  My gift is to be an effective communicator so that the message is not received in a condescending manner.

Education has been my entire life. I have attended, Central State University, Shawnee State University, The University of Toledo, Columbus State Community College, Owens Community College and received degrees from The Ohio State University, Central Michigan University & the University of Findlay.  The experiences at the above mentioned academic institutions has made me an expert on the pros and cons of academic life.  I want to share and give back that expertise to help those who are young and old avoid the pitfalls I encountered.

I received formal degrees in Psychology (BA), Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PHARMD).  I also hold an active State Board of Ohio Pharmacy license to practice pharmacy or simply stated, I am a Registered Pharmacist (RPh).

I have now practiced Pharmacy for 9 years dispensing medication in a retail setting.  I currently work at Kroger Pharmacy.  Working in a retail setting, I have seen the impact that abusing prescription drugs can have on children and their families.  Many parents have shared their journey with me after being involved in a life of addiction to prescription drugs.  In many cases, these parents are taking anti-opioid medication like Suboxone.

I intend to provide education on the dangers of abusing OTC, prescription and Illicit drugs to students K-12.  I have had the pleasure to be a part of a curriculum developed by the Ohio State University and The Cardinal Health Foundation called “Generation RX.”  This program encompasses many educational tools for all age groups to prevent children from making a bad choice relating to prescription drugs.  

Every student will receive an “Educational Guide” at the end of each presentation.  The presentation length can vary from 1 hour to 2 hours.  My goal is to provide a very informative but fun an exciting experience.  The “Generation RX” program is exceptional in the detail and thought needed to resonate with every age group.  From educational videos to interactive sessions with classmates, this program is guaranteed to keep everyone’s attention.

As the Facilitator and Presenter, this experience will be like no other program the student has experienced.  The intent of the presentation is to be exciting and interactive for everyone in the room.  This is my passion.  I look forward to the opportunity to engage, empower and educate your students.


Generation RX Classroom Presentation with Educational Guide

Package Offer:
5 Sessions

Package Offer:
10 Sessions

Assembly Package with Educational Guide: $3995.00
(Price may vary based on the Total number of Students)

Professional Development for Teachers:
(4-hour Session)

Lesson Plan Development:
Negotiable Rate that depends on the scope and depth of the course.

What you need to know…

⦁    Every day, 2,700 teens try a prescription medicine to get high for the first time.
⦁    Today’s teenagers are more likely to have abused medications than a variety of illegal drugs like Ecstasy, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine.
⦁    Nearly one in five teens (19 percent or 4.5 million) report abusing prescription medications to get high.
⦁    One in 3 report being offered an Rx or OTC medicine for the purpose of abuse.
⦁    One in 3 teens report having a close friend who abuses prescription pain medicine to get high.
⦁    One in 4 teens report having a close friend who abuses cough medicine to get high.
⦁    One in 10 (10 percent or 2.4 million) report abusing cough medicine to get high.

“ It is my heritage, that enables me to communicate a message to all people.”
Dr. Gerald Jackson
PharmD, RPh
State of Ohio Board Certified Pharmacist